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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Pune Starter

My 'transplantation' from Kochi to pune was not just work transfer but the transfer of my life.
I completed wonderful quarter century in a lovely kerala village and now suddenly shifted to the noisy bright sleepless rushing pune city.
It was like end of the world when i landed at pune airport.Obviously I was not ready to accept the changes.

Instead of the cool breeze through teak woods the black smoke rushed in to my lungs, instead of the chirps of birds and soft sounds of leaves dancing in the wind all those vehicle's irritating beeps filled my ears. The greenery which soothed my vision was replaced with clumsy gray city. I felt difficult to breath in this calmless place.
The only thing i am here is for my love and my family every thing else was not my interest, they simply disturbed me, reminded me of my lost golden age.
On the way to office i only saw the advertisements of apartments with bollywood actresse's attracting poses, If it was in kerala no actresses would have ever been selected as a model for apartments, Mohan lal , Mammooty and Jayaram will be featuring it with their heartrobbing smiles.
On My first day at office with all prejudications about north indians and office i felt every one staring at me as i came from some where like pandora.
I felt office like a scary house.no one was compassionate,I was like a lamb in the middle of wolves. for two minutes my heart was rushed with emotions of loosing my kingdom and lost in woods.tears rolled down which i tried hard to hide from those high profiled persons around me.I felt too small for this world.\\
A formal introduction to every one did not help me to melt down the ice. I kept quiet and sat on a seat which was some one else's. One lady logged on the system for me and threw a look at me like im tresspassing in to her father's property.That made my south indian patriotic blood run fast in my nerves, but being a lamb i just kept silent.
After staring at the system which has no internet or intranet access for about 5 hours I prepared to rush out of this 'chateau d'if'. six o clock seemed like a life saver. with the irritated throat caused by the un expected ginger tea i had first time in my life from this so called 'big' office,s big spacious canteen i ran to my father to gulp heart full of comfort and love.
There ends the first day tragedy as a stranger and starts the tragedy from second day as a familiar face :(